A Comprehensive Guide to Residency Categories and Benefits in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a popular destination for expatriates seeking a new and vibrant place to call home. If you’re considering making the move to this beautiful country, it’s crucial to understand the various residency categories and the benefits they offer. In this article, we will explore the different residency categories available in Costa Rica and discuss some recent changes that came into effect in 2023.

Most Popular Residency Categories in Costa Rica:

Before delving into the specific residency categories, it’s important to note that none of the actual residency categories themselves changed in 2023. However, there have been significant changes in the requirements within these categories. Let’s take a closer look at the main residency categories in Costa Rica:

1. Pensionado (Pensioner): This category is for individuals with a lifetime pension or benefit of at least $1,000 USD per month. Qualifying pensions may include Social Security, lifetime disability pensions, military benefits, or pensions from private companies. Dependents can include spouses, children under 25, or children over 25 with special needs. Notably, residents under this category are not allowed to work legally in Costa Rica until they obtain permanent residency.

2. Rentista (Small Investor): In 2023, the Rentista category saw significant changes. Applicants must demonstrate an investment that can generate a monthly income of at least $2,500 USD for 24 months. Unlike the past, you can no longer deposit $60,000 USD in a bank account to meet this requirement. The income must be permanent, stable, and irrevocable. Examples of acceptable investments include a two-year lease on a property, a 401(k) retirement plan, investment dividends, or a disability pension for a specific period. As with other categories, employment income does not qualify. Verification of the investment is done by a Costa Rican public accountant. Dependents allowed are the same as in the Pensionado category, and working legally in Costa Rica is not permitted until obtaining permanent residency.

3. Inversionista (Investor): The Inversionista category also saw changes in 2023. Applicants must demonstrate an investment of at least $150,000 USD, which cannot be shared with others. Investments can include real estate, vehicles, shares in a business, or an existing business. Documentation requirements include purchase deeds, municipal value certificates, vehicle title certificates, or corporation documents for share ownership. Dependents allowed are spouses, children under 25, or children over 25 with special needs. Similar to other categories, working legally is not allowed until permanent residency is obtained.

4. Marriage to a Costa Rican Citizen: This category begins with temporary residency and requires registration of the marriage in Costa Rica. Both spouses must appear before immigration authorities to validate the marriage. Residents are granted one-year periods of residency, which must be renewed annually for three years before applying for permanent residency. A unique feature of this category is that residents are allowed to work in Costa Rica from the start.

5. Immediate Family Relationship: This category provides a direct path to permanent residency for parents of Costa Rican citizens, siblings of underage Costa Rican citizens, or siblings of Costa Rican citizens with special needs, regardless of age. Residents are permitted to work legally in Costa Rica under this category.

Benefits of Costa Rican Residency:

Becoming a Costa Rican resident comes with several benefits that can greatly enhance your quality of life in this beautiful country:

1. No More Border Runs: Residency eliminates the need for frequent border runs every 180 days, providing peace of mind and stability.

2. Access to Banking Services: Residents can open more substantial bank accounts, making it easier to manage finances and conduct transactions.

3. Discounts on Activities: Residents enjoy discounts at national parks and other activities, saving money while exploring the country’s natural beauty.

4. Public Healthcare: Residents have access to Costa Rica’s public healthcare system, ensuring comprehensive medical coverage.


Costa Rica offers a range of residency categories to suit various individuals’ circumstances and preferences. Whether you’re a retiree, investor, or have a family connection to a Costa Rican citizen, there’s likely a residency category that fits your situation. Understanding the requirements and benefits of each category is essential when planning your move to this tropical paradise.

Keep in mind that immigration laws can change, so it’s advisable to consult with us and our team to navigate the process successfully and make your dream of living in Costa Rica a reality.

Should YOU file for residency?

This is a personal decision for each person and their unique situation. In many cases, I would say if you are not sure if you want to file residency, then there is no harm in waiting. It can be beneficial to come first and spend time living in Costa Rica before making such a big decision and following all of the steps of the process.

Residency is one of the many logistics that one may pass through on their move and it’s one that should be handled with care and clear consultation with someone who can understand your specific situation and help you choose the right path forward for you.

Via our Relocation Programs below, we have two options where you can be fully educated with ALL of the major details of this logistic and many more + we connect you with our vetted experts in each field.

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