Signature Program

Work 1:1 with our Team for a Seamless Move to Costa Rica

Expert consulting for future expats in Costa Rica who wish to fast-track the process of their move by receiving:

✔️ the specialized  information they need

✔️ trustworthy connections within the country

✔️high level 1:1 support through the entire process.

What’s included?


  •  1:1 Kick-Off Call where you can ask us questions and we talk through each logistic together to help you make the right decisions and create your customized Roadmap to Costa Rica (your month-to-month plan for your move that works for EVERY timeline!)
    • ✅ Access to our DIY Move to Costa Rica Online Course Program ($447 value)
      • ✅ We search and find your first long-term rental in Costa Rica FOR you ($400 value)
        • ✅ Access to our trustworthy connections and vetted professionals in all areas of the country
          • ✅ The opportunity to access everything you need to know to make the right decisions for you on all major and minor logistics of your move, saving you loads of time (think of it like a shortcut)

             Lifetime weekly meetings with our team with other members of our program to talk through all topics and celebrate each step of the way together ($500 value)

              Access to us and our highly supportive community of those who are walking alongside of you or who have already made the move

              Unlimited access to me and my team via email & WhatsApp

              Scouting Trip Planning ($500 value)

              • ✅ Peace of mind that you can call us anytime an urgency pops up
                • Continued ongoing support for years after the move on an as-needed basis ($500 value)
                • Pre-Arrival Call where we organize your entire arrival to your home

              Regular Price: $2,447

              Price: $1,997

              *Currently on Sale!

              Members in our RelocateNow program get quick results in formulating and successfully executing our laid-out plan for moving to Costa Rica

              But don’t just take our word for it…


              “Sarah’s already saved us enough to cover the cost of her services”  ⬇️

              ^Shonte is moving down with her family to the Central Valley and have picked their location after their Scouting Trip!

              ^Paul & Lisa are enjoying life by the beach in Nosara and have purchased a property and will be constructing their dream home on it!

              ^Jeanne, her husband James, and two adorable dogs moved to Potrero, bought a property, and now have a successful online business! 

              ^Julie has moved to Playa del Coco with her husband & teenage children. They have bought a property and will be building a home!

              ^This service pays for itself! 

              ^We make the arrival process seamless! 


              When is the best time to start planning my move?

              NOW! If you know you are going to move to Costa Rica, now is the perfect time to plan. Trust me, you won’t want to wait until the last minute. We have worked with members who have timelines ranging 2+ years to 2 months. Our RelocateNow Program works for every timeline.


              What if I still have some questions before purchasing this program?

              You are ALWAYS welcome to book a call with me directly!

              Book a Call Here

              We can speak about any questions you may have.

              It’s free!

              What happens after I sign up?

              When you sign up you will immediately:

              • 🔸 Receive emails giving you access to our online program
              • 🔸 Have a link to set up your Kick-Off Call to meet 1:1 with our team so we can talk through each logistic with you and plan out your move
              • 🔸 Get access to our weekly meeting calendar
              • 🔸 Receive a service agreement to review so you know what to expect from us in our work together
              • 🔸 Be taking the first HUGE step towards your move to Costa Rica!
              What happens during the Kick-Off-Call?

              One of your first steps in the program will be to fill out our “Getting to Know You” Questionnaire and to book your Kick-Off Call.

              During the call, our team will:

              • 🔸 Get to know your lifestyle, your goals and ask questions to get a full picture of your unique situation
              • 🔸 Talk through every logistic in detail with you for our move (some examples are: areas for living best suited for you, schools for your children if applicable, and every logistic that is covered in our program)
              • 🔸 Create your “Roadmap” which is your month-to-month plan that we will all follow together leading up to your move
              • 🔸Take time to answer all of the questions you have – but if you forgot some – don’t worry! You can always schedule another call, write us an email, or message us on WhatsApp at any time.
              • 🔸 Send you a summary email of everything that was spoken about during the call and the information that is most important for you to get started on.
              What logistics are covered as a part of this program?
              • 🔸 Getting Started on your Move
              • 🔸 Moving Mindset + Connecting with your Community
              • 🔸 Navigating Visas & Border Runs
              • 🔸 Residency: Everything You Need to Know
              • 🔸 Regions of Costa Rica: Where should you live?
              • 🔸 How to Secure Your Home Rental in Costa Rica
              • 🔸 Master Banking: In Costa Rica & your Home Country
              • 🔸 Budget Like a Pro for Your Move & Daily Life
              • 🔸 Legal Ways to Make Money in Costa Rica
              • 🔸 Medical System & Insurance & Prescriptions in Costa Rica: Picking the best options for you
              • 🔸 How to Make Car Purchase & Car Rental a Smooth Process
              • 🔸 What & How to Pack for your Move (+Downsizing)
              • 🔸 Shipping to Costa Rica: Is it worth it?
              • 🔸 Life with Kids in Costa Rica (Schools & more…)
              • 🔸 Bringing your Pets to Costa Rica – Paperwork, medication, and transport
              • 🔸 Costa Rica Phone Numbers & Keeping your Number from Home
              • 🔸 How to Enhance your Spanish Language Learning
              • 🔸 Receiving Mail in Costa Rica, your Home Country & Ordering Online (Amazon
              • 🔸 Your Costa Rican Driver’s License & Driving in Costa Rica
              • 🔸 Real Estate & Financing in Costa Rica
              • 🔸 Arranging a Perfect Arrival for Your Move
              • 🔸 First Steps to Take After Your Move
              • ….. and more! Anything that comes up that you face during this entire process we are here and will help.
              What vetted professionals do I get direct access to via this program?
              • 🔸 Our FANTASTIC Immigration Attorney (Visas & Residency)
              • 🔸 Direct contact to bank that offers financing to foreigners & non-residents who wish to purchase a home in Costa Rica
              • 🔸 Connection to reputable real estate agents in each area of the country (via email inquiry only)
              • 🔸 Professional service providers to guide you through your border run
              • 🔸 Professional agency to gather your legal documents for you for residency
              • 🔸 Home Rental Experts to search and find long-term rentals in Costa Rica
              • 🔸 Attorney to speak about starting a business or purchasing an existing one
              • 🔸 Freelance coach for starting a new career in online work
              • 🔸 Insurance broker to secure travel, health, car, and home insurance policies
              • 🔸 Medical expert who can further guide you through the medical system in Costa Rica
              • 🔸 Car Broker to make the purchase process a breeze!
              • 🔸 Customs Broker for shipping containers, pallets, and cars into Costa Rica
              • 🔸 Direct contacts to schools in each area
              • 🔸 Pet Broker for difficult cases in working with airlines
              • 🔸 Private airline for flying pets
              • 🔸 Costa Rican Spanish learning & culture tutor
              • 🔸 Taxi and shuttle drivers to arrange airport arrival/departure
              • 🔸 and more…
                What are the weekly group meetings like?

                The group meetings are FUN and I LOVE them! During the meetings we do open Q&A, sometimes we will have a specialist come in and speak about a particular topic, and it’s a time where we can all celebrate everyone’s progress together (no matter what stage everyone is at).

                It’s an excellent place to connect with others who are doing the same thing as you!

                Is this for someone just starting out or someone more advanced in the process?

                It’s both & let me explain. Since we work on all timelines of a move and the work we do is customized and 1:1, we can help if you’ve just decided you want to move or if you’re more advanced in your research and need our additional help. 

                What happens if my timeline changes?

                This happens all the time! In that case, we will just adjust your roadmap to fit your new timeline and keep progressing through the steps leading to your move.

                It happens more than you might think and we are used to this.

                What if I'm not sure if I want to move to Costa Rica?

                If you’re not sure I would suggest checking out our:

                • 🔻 DIY Move to Costa Rica E-Course  – A comprehensive course to educate you on everything you need to know about Costa Rica while still having access to work with us directly
                • 🔻 Scouting Trip Planning Package – Allow us to arrange the perfect Scouting Trip for you to get the answers you need
                Are you REALLY still there even if it's been years after my move?

                YES! Just ask any of our past members! We still have members who have reached out for questions here and there and life updates. We will always be there to assist the best we can. You can still email us, send us a message on WhatsApp or join the weekly meetings.

                Want to see a sneak peek into our program?

                I relocated to Costa Rica to cultivate a balanced, healthy, and joyful lifestyle for myself and my daughter.

                But this is my why. Yours might be different. Why do you want to move to Costa Rica?

                If you had the opportunity to completely redesign your life, what would you do with it?

                ✅ Create a better quality of life and focus on your mental, emotional & spiritual health?


                ✅ Live a more simple and slower-paced day-to-day life?


                ✅ Experience a more affordable lifestyle, leaving extra spending money in your budget?


                ✅ Retire early?


                ✅ Say goodbye to all of the talk of politics?


                ✅  Be closer to nature and beautiful weather ALL year round?


                ✅  Embark on new adventures and a more exciting (or relaxing)  lifestyle?

                Where do our members live?

                Don’t miss out on life’s incredible opportunities – Take control of your future and join us.

                Just fill out your info below to join us and move to Costa Rica!

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