Wondering what area of Costa Rica is the best fit for you?

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Are you moving

to Costa Rica?

You are moving to Costa Rica

You are feeling anxious about handling your move alone

You do not have any or many connections in Costa Rica to assist you before and after you arrive

You are overwhelmed by all of the research and conflicting information out there

You are unsure of how to handle logistics such as finding a home rental, setting up a bank account, getting a SIM card for your phone, paying bills, and everything else that is different in Costa Rica

You want to feel the comfort of having a friendly face greet you at the airport and settle you into your new community in Costa Rica

You are in the right place!

Through our work together you will know exactly how to live in Costa Rica, what to expect, and receive our personalized support through the entire process of your move (before, during and after). 

My team and I provide advisory on where may be a good fit for living, developing your budget, residency, and connect you to the resources and information you need most for your move.

Our job is to save you money, time, and for you to keep your peace of mind as we make your move seamless!

Expert Advisory

Finding Homes & Cars for Rent or Purchase

Support in All Logistics of Your Move

Help with Connecting to Your New Community & Language

How it works…

Apply for an Exploratory Session

During our call we will talk about a few questions you may have about moving to Costa Rica and what it would potentially look like to work together on it.

Should it be a good fit we will schedule our first of multiple meetings

During our structured phone calls my team and I will go into depth about your move, lifestyle, areas and more! We will go over your questions, create a custom budget, and review your packing list as well.

My job is to make sure you save time, money, and keep your peace of mind as I help make your move seamless!

You receive my "Everything You Need to Know to Move to Costa Rica E-Course!"

This contains printable information, videos, and exclusive interviews with a residency lawyer, medical professional, real estate attorney, other expats in Costa Rica and more! Check out what’s inside >> here <<

Don’t worry, you get a free login 😉

Between our meetings we sort out logistics for your arrival!

During this time we are busy doing ground work and sorting out logistics here in Costa Rica for when you arrive! This may be scoping out rentals, cars, properties, and also making sure you are connected with the exactly resources you’ll need here to be successful. 


When it's time for your big move we will personally meet you where you will be living to make sure you are acquainted with the town, area, and you are set up for success in your move!

This is the best part because all of this prep time has led up to this HUGE moment and we are ready to celebrate with you!

What happens after your move?

During this entire process you may always come to me or my team with any questions you have, this includes after your move! Whether it’s an hour, two days, 4 months, or a year after your move, should anything come up for you we are always here to assist!

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About Me

I had a nagging feeling there was more to life than my 9 to 5, so I quit my job as a social worker, moved to Costa Rica, got pregnant, began working remotely, became a single mom, started two businesses, and it’s a very long story actually…

I am passionate about empowering my clients to determine how they want to feel and live each day. Your move is not only going from point A to point B. Your move is about truly deciding how you want to live your life here in Costa Rica!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting out of college, starting a family,  or near retirement, it is always a good time to evaluate how you want to live out the rest of your life and know that you truly do have the choice to design it your way.


“When faced with the daunting task of leaving the US to move to Costa Rica, working with someone who has been advising and walking me through every step has been priceless. Sarah’s services are beyond compare with anything else I’ve ever seen! She takes a personal interest in making things as smooth and painless as possible. This isn’t just a job to her, her heart is in helping in every way she can. Her kindness as well as her attention to detail has made me feel at home even before I get there! It’s like I already have a best friend in Costa Rica waiting for my arrival. I will gladly recommend her to all of my contacts who are looking for relocation services!”


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