FREE Tax & Financial Planning Webinar for U.S.A. Citizens Moving Abroad

I invite you to join me as I host, Randall Brody of Tax Samaritan and Tom Zachystal of International Asset Management (IAM), online as we discuss essential tax and financial planning considerations for United States Citizens moving to (or living in) Costa Rica.

Topics covered will include:

🔻 U.S. tax and reporting requirements for expats

🔻 Exemptions and credits for United States Citizens living abroad

🔻 Additional tax considerations and helpful tips for US Citizens moving to Costa Rica

🔻 Dealing with financial advisors and brokerage firms as a non-U.S. resident

🔻 Where to keep your investments and savings when living abroad

🔻 Retirement planning for US Citizens in Costa Rica

🔻 Generating income from your investments to sustain your lifestyle

Your Hosts:

Sarah Elena (Host):
Sarah Elena, CEO of RelocateNow and a seasoned Relocation Expert with over 8.5 years of experience living in Costa Rica, brings a wealth of knowledge in helping individuals move to this tropical paradise. Her personal journey and professional background in international relations and customer service have shaped the company into a trusted resource for comprehensive relocation services, emphasizing cultural integration and community connection.
Randall Brody (Guest Speaker):
U.S. expat tax expert Randall Brody, the founder of Tax Samaritan, specializes in helping expats get and stay compliant with U.S. tax rules. A regular contributor to the EA (Enrolled Agent) Journal, Brody has helped over 9,500 U.S. taxpayers. Passionate about travel and a proud father and grandfather, he understands the unique challenges of expat life. When he isn’t saving people money on taxes, he enjoys rooting for the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team and the Las Vegas Raiders with his family and his giant dogs, a Labradoodle, Great Dane, and St. Berdoodle. He also loves to snow ski. Visit to subscribe to his free tax tips and advice newsletter. Randall lives in North Las Vegas, Nev.
Tom Zachystal (Guest Speaker):
Tom is Chief Investment Manager at International Asset Management, a U.S. Registered Investment Advisor specializing in financial planning and investment management services for Americans living abroad. Tom has an MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird University in Glendale, Arizona, and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential, and is a Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP™) practitioner. He is a past President of the San Francisco Financial Planning Association, lived overseas for many years himself, and has been providing financial planning and managing U.S. investment portfolios for Americans living abroad since 2002.

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