Sarah Elena

Costa Rica Relocation Expert

Helping you have a seamless move!

Hi, I’m Sarah! I moved to Costa Rica in September of 2015 and I am passionate about helping others figure out how they too can build a life they love here!

My Story

Hi, I’m Sarah! I help people achieve their dream of moving to Costa Rica by providing  specialized 1:1 support and the information you need to know for your move here.

In 2015, I had a nagging feeling there was more to life than my 9 to 5, so I quit my job as a social worker, moved to Costa Rica, got pregnant, began working remotely, became a single mom, started two businesses, and the story continues…

In my spare time I am typically reading books, listening to podcasts, horseback riding, going for hikes in the jungle, hanging out with all of my animals, and sharing this life with my daughter. 

I genuinely want to be here of service in this world and I am here to support others who are ready to make a HUGE step to moving to this beautiful country!

My Values & Beliefs

Always provide value

Whether you are a client of mine or someone tinkering with the idea of moving and have come in contact with me, my #1 value is to provide as much support as possible for those who are looking to turn their move to Costa Rica into a reality.

Give REAL advice and information

I am not by any means going to paint a perfect picture of paradise for you. I want you to know REALLY what it is like living here, the pros and the cons! I have a strong belief in authenticity and “keepin’ it real.”

Offer continuous support

I do not believe in providing a service and then falling off the face of the earth when the move is done. I treat those I work with as I would a dear friend or family member, which means that even after your move, I will be here to offer continued support as you adjust. 

My Approach

I approach work with my clients in a fully customized manner. As each individual/family, timeline, needs, and move is different – we develop a custom plan to help you arrange, arrive, and acclimate!

Start planning your move today!